Are On-Hold Messages beneficial?

Yes, without question an on hold message is not only beneficial but critical for businesses that place their phone customers on hold. Those customers experiencing no sound or just hearing a tone while they hold will very likely feel ignored or forgotten. A study by Jefferson Denneandrus, a research firm, found that when callers were presented with On Hold Messaging versus silence or a radio commercial they would stay on hold longer, they were more likely to exhibit interest in the product advertised, they were more likely to retain information and they were less agitated. In addition to that, “34% of callers who hang up will not call back.” –according to Voice Response, Inc. In today’s economy who can afford to ignore their customers?

Naturally, our goal as professionals should be to consistently streamline our processes to avoid leaving clients on hold for extended periods of time. Yet, sometimes it is simply un-avoidable and the greatest benefits of “the message” are the many creative ways it can influence your business’s bottom line. That air time is yours to control in ways that improve your customers’ experience while boosting your professional image.

Another significant advantage of the on hold message is the opportunity to offer those additional “add-on sales” that often command higher profit margins. These messages can trigger immediate sales, develop additional service or product awareness and even encourage callers to bring you new customers. In these ways, an on hold message becomes an extended member of your lead generation team at very low cost to you. A carefully crafted on hold message will produce dramatic results. For added effectiveness, customized messages can include “promo codes” exclusive to your on hold message campaign.

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