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When you run a busy auto repair business, you have a lot going on: Multiple callers, mechanics, deliveries, customers in the auto repair shop and so much more. There is now doubt you have to place people “ON HOLD” and if it is dead air; you’re ignoring them, but the worst part is missing great opportunities.
A few important points:
1. Customers, who are placed on hold without any sound, feel the wait time is twice as long as it actually was!
2. What does just giving them music do for your bottom line? Not much but when you add effective promos you gain opportunity.
Auto repair business message on hold options provide you with opportunity and can help improve your bottom line.
Our on auto repair messages on hold can affordably improve your business perception and actually drive additional cross sales. It is like adding a subtle service writer!
Improve Auto repair sales!
– Remind callers of your auto repair services!
– Present higher margined services that customer may be unaware of.
– Drive traffic to your social media platform to gain word of mouth!
Reduce Poor Customer Service!
– Provide a re-assuring message of how important they are.
– Share if they have concerns to just ask “clients who get it off their chest are less likely to bad mouth you later!”
– An effective message on hold can be distracting and thus make waiting not seem so long!
Drive Referrals
– Encourage referrals with your messages (word of mouth is great advertising) and a great way to use your auto repair message on hold.
As you can see there are many advantages to messages on hold, and we look forward to talking to you about how we can affordably help your business. Our desire is to help add Auto repair business message on hold greetings to small family owned shops to help them!
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