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When you run a busy Pizza Delivery Business, you have a lot going on: Multiple callers, food cooking, deliveries, customers at the pizza shop counter and so much more. There is no doubt you have to place people “ON HOLD” and if it is dead air; you’re ignoring them, but the worst part is missing great opportunities.
A few important points:
1. Customers, who are placed on hold without any sound, feel the wait time is twice as long as it actually was!
2. What does just giving them music do for your bottom line? Not much but when you add effective promos you gain opportunity.
Custom “pizza delivery on hold messages can do so much for your business and even improve its bottom line!
• Suggest and promote menu items callers can add to their order.
• Promote High Margined add-ons
• Encourage word of mouth marketing
• Promote other services such as “Catering” which could grow your business.
• Help customer feel they choose the right place to order from!
It is not easy building a loyal customer base today, but it takes just a little bit of effort to get the most out of your hard work. A professionally created pizza business on hold message can make that task a lot easier and turn dead air into “cash air”.
If you’re wondering why you need to advertise to callers who have already choose you think about this: You competitors number one prospect is your customer, and if they feel ignored they can become an easy target! The Pizza Industry is a competitive business as you know so the power of a pizza industry on hold message that carefully presents the right messages to your caller can really help. I encourage you to take a minute to learn more about our pizza industry message on hold greetings.

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